AspecTek Electronic Rat Trap Review

AspecTek Electronic Rat Trap Review

AspecTek Electronic Rat Trap: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Silent operation
  • Easy to clean
  • No-touch disposal
  • Indicator lights shut off for stealth

What We Don't Like

  • Poorly written instructions
  • Needs to be cleaned when a moist bait is used

If you have a rodent problem, whether that be rats, mice, squirrels, or even sometimes a combination of them, it can extremely be distressing. Not just in the terms that it can be a serious threat to your health and your property, but also regarding just how you can fight back.

An electronic rat trap can be a safe and efficient method to tackle a rodent infestation that is why we will review one of the most popular electronic rat traps on the market today. We’ll take a look at how it works and whether it could be the tool that you need to tackle your rodent issues safely and effectively.

AspecTek Electronic Rat Trap Review

The AspecTek Electronic Rat Trap is in the simplest terms a trap that is designed to catch and dispatch rodents. It kills them via a powerful 7000-volt electric shock that is triggered when they enter the trap.

All very normal and straightforward, but it is the manner in which that electronic shock is triggered that makes it unique. This product contains exclusive and patented technology that is designed to be lethal to rodents while rendering the trap entirely harmless for pets and humans including and most importantly, children.

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Who Is This Product For?

As we mentioned above, the product contains technology that is designed to render it harmless to people, making it particularly well suited to areas where people may often be present. This could be kitchens, warehouses, bedrooms, and offices.

In addition, it should be noted that because the product delivers a severe electric shock, you must be careful to keep children and pets away from it at all times. On the other hand, the fact that it contains no poisons or powerful mechanical jaws means this product could be a little safer than those other product types, especially with pets.

With that said, this product is suitable for individuals who have a pest infestation, but a lot of people and pets usually occupies their property.

What’s Included?

The product consists of one trap in each box. The trap measures 4.3 by 4.5 by 9.7 inches and weighs slightly less than two pounds. The trap must be powered in order to work, and this can be via a power adapter that plugs into a power outlet or four AA batteries. It should be noted that neither is included with the product.

Overview of Features

Some might think that the most impressive feature of this product is the power; however, such is not the case. Though 7000 volts is a very impressive punch for such a small device, the most impressive feature is how it is controlled.

This is achieved via a two-stage system. Firstly, on the floor of the trap are three metal plates that work as the triggers of the device, and the electric shock will only activate when all three of them are simultaneously depressed, something the makers’ claim, based on their research, that can only be done by a rodent.

The second element of control is an intelligent repetitive shock system that detects if the first electric shock has succeeded in killing the rodent or not. If it has, then the power is turned off. If the rodent is still alive, a second shock is delivered which continues until it is dead.

Mounted atop the device is a LED light indicator that flashes red when a rodent has been caught and green when is it is killed. This makes disposal very easy, as you don’t have to see the caught rodent to confirm if it is dead or not.

How to Use?

This is a very easy product to use and deploy. Firstly, you power up the device. The corded adapter will provide constant power, while the batteries will supply mobility and flexibility in placement. Just choose according to your needs.

Next, place bait in the trap and put the device along one of the routes the rats or mice are using in your property. This will usually be at the base of walls and in the corners. Once in place, you simply have to keep an eye on the top-mounted LED indicator to know when the trap has caught a rodent (and needs to be emptied) or requires fresh batteries.


This is obviously a very high tech, modern solution to an age-old problem. Rodent traps have been around for a very long time though, and if you prefer an older style of rodent trap, you could check out Fibevon Mouse Trap. The apparent advantage of this model is its simplicity and the fact that you don’t need to change its batteries or plug it into a power source. The downside is that cleaning up caught rodents will be more hands-on.


The AspecTek Electronic Rat Trap is a great product for people with rodent infestations that don’t necessarily want to be hands-on in dealing with the caught rodents. By being able to simply place it down and leave it until the light flashes, you don’t even have to look inside to check if a rodent has been caught or killed.

Disposal is as simple as picking up the trap and emptying it into a bag. Therefore, it is a clean, safe, efficient, and very humane way of dealing with a rodent infestation.

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