Author name: Maria J. Brown

Maria J. Brown is a dedicated and passionate expert in pest management, with over 10 years of hands-on experience in the field. Based in California, Maria founded Pest Smart Control with a vision to provide safe and effective solutions to various pest-related challenges. Her extensive knowledge applications for pest control has led her to explore natural and eco-friendly alternatives for bed bug elimination. With a commitment to promoting sustainable pest management practices, Maria aims to empower readers with valuable insights and reliable solutions to combat pests naturally.

Top 3 Spider Sprays

Spider Spray – Top 3 Most Effective

Although almost all spiders are entirely harmless to humans, most people still don’t want to share their homes with creepy crawlers. Instead of smashing these critters with your hand or a napkin, spider spray presents a valuable alternative. All of the sprays discussed in this article also work against many different types of insects. You …

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Diatomaceous Earth for Bedbugs

Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs – Complete Review

Before resorting to expensive and time-consuming professional treatments, you probably want to try to tackle your bed bug issue on your own. These pests present a particularly tough challenge because they can hide in tiny crevices and go for days without feeding. However, some non-chemical natural treatments exist to cure your infestation. Using diatomaceous earth …

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