How to Get rid of bats in attic

Bat Repellent: How to Get Rid of Bats in Attic

There are a lot of people scared of bats, whether it’s for their looks, nocturnal habits, or creepy noises. There’s honestly no need for this. They don’t want to attack humans and generally stay out of your way. But your house would be scared of bats if it could think! The obvious reason you need bat repellent to get rid of bats in the attic is the annoying noises that can keep you up all night. However, less apparent reasons could cost you serious time and money.

The droppings they leave behind can be significant if you have a lot of bats in your house. This is not only a disgusting mess that’ll be a hassle to clean up because it also degrades floors and makes wood brittle. It can even start growing fungus and cause structural damage to your house. It’s much cheaper to prevent with bat repellent than fix!

Interestingly, it’s illegal in many places to shoot or kill bats. This is for a good reason. As creepy and annoying as they may be, bats often serve a valuable role in your local ecosystem. They may be small but a single bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes a day! Bats have also been crucial in seed dispersal and pollination in many areas. After hearing how they’re improving your garden, preserving the environment, and keeping the mosquitoes at bay, you might not want to get rid of them!

It might be good to have bats around, but it’s understandable if you still don’t want to be housemates with them. So what can you do and what can’t you do?

Several available products can help you take care of this product on your own using bat repellent. We’ve reviewed them, compared them, and can help you out. Let’s start with why bats love your home over anywhere else they could live, and then get into how to get rid of bats in the attic.

What Attracts Bats To Your Attic?

There’s a reason your attic is an attic. By this, I mean it’s not exactly the most livable space in your house. To bats, however, it’s a resort compared to their other options. Bats do not build nests, so they’ll sneak their way into your house through chimneys or attics just for the warmth if nothing else. They’ll even make do with barns or sheds even if they aren’t quite as warm.

Another reason bats will come to your attic is during the summer when the females (which make up the majority of a colony) are getting ready to give birth. Your attic will be perfect for them because they’ll look for dark, safe, and dry areas. They want somewhere warm but not too warm, and the wood framing functions similarly to trees.

How to Get Rid of Bats in Attic

  1. Find where the bats are entering your house, whether it’s the chimney, attic ventilation, or even narrow holes at roof junctions. Make sure not immediately to seal these up. This would leave the bats no way to escape, which wouldn’t be good for you or them! It would be very inhumane and leave your whole house smelling quite strongly.
  2. Wait until the night, as bats are nocturnal and will leave your house. The majority of them should be out looking for food and water. This is the perfect time to avoid running into too many of them while caring for the problem.
  3. Now’s your chance to secure any openings. Use an exclusion door to let stragglers escape but not let any bats back in. There are several different options. Using plastic pipes or netting with the bottom left loose for the bats to escape will let them get out but they won’t be smart enough to get back in. Make sure to wear protective gear just in case some bats are startled.
  4. After about a week, all bats should be gone, and you can permanently seal the entry points and be pest free! I’ve never heard of bats cleaning up behind themselves, so you’ll have to do it for them. The bat droppings can become a major health risk for you and your family. You’ll need some special enzyme cleanser to make sure the smell is completely and permanently erased.



  • May not repel every pest
  • Needs an outlet

The Bell & Howell pest repeller is 100% safe! It contains no harmful chemicals and is odor free! You will no longer need mouse traps or other messy tactics used to get rid of pests.


  • 100% pure copper (so it won’t rust)
  • Easy to cut and stuff into cracks and holes to keep out the pests
  • Many other uses


  • Could trap bats in your home
  • You have to locate the cracks and crevices the pests get in through.

The Brillante Copper Mesh for Pest Control is a great way to keep your house sealed off from bats and all other types of pests like mice and rats. If you’ve never heard of using mesh in such a way, how it works is you cut off a piece and stuff it into holes where pests get in. It’s always one size fits all because of the ability to cut off however much you need. It won’t rust over time, and no amount of chewing could get the bats back through. Just be careful to flush them out using another bat repellent before you seal up any ways for them to get out.


  • Completely humane
  • Solar powered
  • Weatherproof


  • Have to find the best setting
  • Solar may not provide enough power.
  • Reports of it not working well on rabbits

The Hoont Advanced Motion Activated Solar Powered Ultrasonic is another excellent option for an ultrasonic bat deterrent. Like the other options, it works well for many other common pests, although several users have reported that rabbits seem unfazed by the device. It’s great because it’s autonomous with the solar panels built into the top. The only hassle we’ve found is that there are several settings that need adjusting to work on whatever pests you have correctly. Just follow the instructions provided closely to get the desired bat repellent effect.

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