Best Flea Spray for Homes on a Budget

Best Flea Spray for Pets and Homes

Fleas and ticks are known to pose far greater risks than mere annoyance and itching, such as several illnesses and allergic dermatitis. Some of the most severe health risks associated with fleas and ticks include different types of fevers, Lyme disease, and even the Bubonic plague. Additionally, fleas and ticks have been known to transmit parasites. Because pets often eat the small bugs bothering them, they’re at risk for contracting the parasites that fleas and ticks carry. Finding the best flea spray for your pet and home can be essential for maintaining your and your pet’s health. 

Once fleas and ticks infest your home, getting rid of them can be an unnerving and extremely difficult task. The majority of the fleas and ticks bothering your pet can actually reside in their environment instead of directly on their body. To fully get rid of these annoying bugs, you will need to not only treat your pet but also bedding, furniture, rugs, and curtains. Having the best flea spray for home use can become one of the effective solutions to tackling this issue.

To avoid having to deal with pests constantly biting you and your pet, you can combat fleas and ticks with these top 3 best flea spray options on the market. 

With so many flea sprays available on the market, choosing the right one for your situation can seem like an impossible task. However, not all flea sprays are made equal, and the ones we recommend have been shown to be the safest and most effective options.

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Best Flea Spray for Home Use Comparison Chart

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Spray

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Wondercide Flea and Tick Spray Bottle

Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Best Flea Spray for Home Use: The Top Contenders

With so many flea sprays available on the market, choosing the right one for your situation can seem like an impossible task. However, not all flea sprays are made equal, and the ones we recommend have been shown to be the safest and most effective options.

1. Wondercide Flea and Tick Spray

Wondercide commits themselves to formulating their products without harsh chemicals. The leaders of this company, which is based in Austin, Texas, formed their roots when caring for their own pet. Wondercide revolves around ridding your home and pets from nasty pests including fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and even ants.  

Wondercide Flea and Tick Spray Bottle


Wondercide's flea and tick spray is formulated with only naturally-derived ingredients. The cedarwood oil and sesame oil used are not only 100% effective but also safe to use on your dog or cat. Additionally, this product can be sprayed on pet bedding, furniture, or floors. 

Wondercide offers this spray in four pleasant scents: lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, and cedarwood. This spray is sold in three different sizes, allowing you to buy just as much as you need to fix your flea and tick issue. The 4 oz is most useful for cats. The finer mist provided by the 4 oz size is perfect for cats as they are naturally more sensitive. Wondercide also sells flea and tick-killing wipes in this same line, which may be exceptionally useful if your cat hates to be sprayed with anything. 

The natural oils in Wondercide Flea and Tick Spray have also been shown to be flea and tick repellents. So, in addition to killing the pests currently bothering your pet, this product will deter any more flea or ticks from latching on to your dog or cat.

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  • All-natural product
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Safe for cats and dogs
  • Offered in multiple different non-chemically scents


  • Peppermint oil scented spray should not be used on cats

2. Adams Plus Flea & Tick Spray

Adams is a trusted brand that makes products with a smarter approach to pet care. Veterinarians have recommended and sold many product lines from this brand for over three decades. 

Some of Adam’s well-loved products include flea and tick topical products, collars, shampoos, and sprays for your pets, home, and yard. In addition to using their spray, you can combine several of their products to achieve the best results possible.

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray


Adams Flea and Tick Spray is available in 16-ounce and 32-ounce bottles. This spray is one of the most well-loved products from this brand, and when combined with a flea shampoo, it can offer quick relief for your pet.

Adams spray, unlike several others currently on the market, is capable of killing fleas in every stage of their life cycle. This spray wipes out fleas and ticks while they are eggs, larva, pupas, or adults. Many sprays currently available are only effective against adult fleas and ticks, which will not rid your pet of all the pests bothering them. In fact, adult fleas are often only 5% of the fleas present in infestations. 

Adams Flea and Tick Spray contains an ingredient known as an insect growth regulator. This substance interrupts the life cycle of fleas and ticks, preventing them from growing to maturity. Therefore, these tiny pests will be unable to reproduce and increase their numbers on your pet or in your home. 

As a bonus feature, this spray works well for repelling mosquitoes. In addition to being effective at killing the fleas and ticks plaguing your home, this product is safe to be used directly on your dog or cat due to the concentration of ingredients. 


  • Can be combined with other Adams products to ensure quick relief
  • Capable of killing ticks and fleas at all the stages of their lives
  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Safe for the recommended application amounts on dogs and cats
  • Can be used directly on pets as well as on their bedding, furniture, rugs, etc


  • Has a very strong, unpleasant scent
  • Cannot be used on puppies below the age of 10 weeks or kittens younger than 12 weeks old

3. Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray

Vet’s Best is a part of Hero Pet Brands. It focuses not just on the external but also the internal health of the pet.

Vet’s Best is a brilliant choice for pet parents who want only the best products and are highly selective about what they will be putting in or on their furry friend. This is a veterinarian-recommended brand that uses safe, naturally derived ingredients.

Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray


Using Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray is an excellent way to kill ticks and fleas in your home naturally. This powerful product is simple to use and effective. 

This spray comes with all natural ingredients, including clove extract and peppermint oil, which controls and kills fleas naturally when it comes in contact with it. However, peppermint oil has been shown to be harmful, and even toxic, to cats. Although the concentration in this product is low (0.30%) and many users report positive experiences when applying to cats, we still recommend choosing another spray for your cat. 

Vet's Best Spray can be used anywhere in your home, including your and your pet’s bedding, furniture, rugs, and carpets. Furthermore, this spray can be used on animals that are older than 12 weeks. It is also safe to be used around children.

This spray, along with the other best flea spray options chosen for this list, not only kills ticks and fleas but also kills their egg and stops any re-infestation. Thus, this product effectively breaks the flea life cycle. Vet's Best Spray is sold in packs of two 32-ounce bottles.


  • Made from non-toxic and natural ingredients
  • Breaks the flea life cycle
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Also repels mosquitoes


  • Cannot be used on pets 12 weeks or younger
  • Requires relatively frequent application
  • Not the best option for cats due to peppermint oil


These are the three best flea spray options currently available on the market. All three of these sprays are capable of killing fleas and ticks at all stages of their life cycles. Each spray has its own strengths and weaknesses, so our top pick may not be the best choice for your situation. 

With that said, between the three, we recommend the Wondercide Flea and Tick Spray for most consumers. Wondercide formulates this spray with non-toxic and natural ingredients. Unlike many other pest sprays, Wondercide offers their flea and tick spray in four pleasant scents that are safe to use around children. 

When using any type of product on your pet, make sure to closely follow the application instructions and test a small patch of their skin before using sprays all over. 

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