CaptSure Humane Smart Mouse Trap Review

CaptSure Humane Smart Mouse Trap Review

We know all about the frustrations that you endure when it comes to solving mice infestation. Other than trapping the mouse, throwing its dead body away is also a real problem. If you want a clean and animal-friendly solution to this persisting problem, you should try using smart mouse traps.

Using these traps, you can keep the mouse out of your house without even killing them. Once they are trapped, you can safely kick out the animal without any pain. To help you out with your problem, we have reviewed one of the best traps on the market today—the CaptSure Humane Mouse Trap.

CaptSure Humane Smart Mouse Trap

The CaptSure technology is the brainchild of an Australian company, TGR BioSciences. The technology has become the trademark of the products designed by the U.S. brand, CaptSure.

This well-known brand manufactures all kinds of traps for various pests and flies. The CaptSure Humane Mouse Trap is one of their best products designed to capture mouse while keeping it alive and safe.

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  • Design

The product is made up of a transparent, amber-colored body. Due to its light color and transparent frame, you can see through the trap. In fact, it becomes easy for the mouse to see bait because of the visible trap frame.

The trap consists of a spring door, bait compartment, holes, release door, and a fulcrum. The spring door helps the animal to walk into the trap easily. Due to the spring door, the mouse won’t have to struggle with the trap.

You can place the bait in the bait compartment, and because of the transparent frame, it will be visible to the animal. Furthermore, the holes in the body will help the animal breathe and keep it alive.

Once the animal enters into the trap, the fulcrum closes the door and keeps the animal locked inside. Meanwhile, with the help of the release door, you can freely set the mouse outside the trap.

  • Material

As the product is washable and waterproof, you can clean the trap and use it again. Due to its odor- and stain-resistant features, the trap also stays free from all sort of marks, stains, and nasty smells. So, no matter if the animal is trapped overnight, or has dropped its waste inside, it won’t even stink or leave any mark.

  • Human-friendly

The trap is completely safe for your kids as it is certified by an Australian research foundation for kids called KidSafe. In addition to that, the product is hygienic, easy to set up, and easy to wash.

You can easily release the mouse without even touching them. Hence, it also helps keep you away from germs and diseases. The product is secure for the user and animal as it is free from all sorts of poisons, glue, chemical, toxins or electrical parts.

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Due to its user-friendly design, the trap is easy to install too. Its a three step process, actually. All you need to do is fix the bait, place the trap, and wait for the target. Finally, all of its parts are detachable. This means that you can easily remove, wash, and put them together again.

  • Animal-friendly

The CaptSure Humane Trap is animal-friendly as it is endorsed by the U.S. pet product manufacturers, PetSafe. As the holes keep the animal alive, the secured design of trap ensures a painless capturing of the animal.

Above all, the product is toxin- and glue-free that causes no damage to the animal.

  • Portable

The product measures only 6.7 x 2.5 x 2.4 inches and weighs 4.5 ounces. Due to its lightweight and compact size, the trap is portable and easy to carry around. Be it somewhere indoor or outdoor, you can plant it wherever you want.

  • Packaging

The package contains two CaptSure smart mouse traps, one manual, and a free e-book. The e-book provides information about mice capturing tips and techniques.

  • Usage

Here are the steps to follow to capture the mouse.

  1. Insert the bait in the bait compartment after removing its door.
  2. Put the door back to lock the trap.
  3. Plant the trap wherever you want.
  4. Once trapped inside, you can safely release the animal out of the box.
  5. For the best results, leave the mouse at least two miles away from your house, or else it can come back.


  • Causes no harm or pain to the target
  • Can also capture moles, small rodents, voles, and hamsters
  • Ensures the safety of your hands and fingers
  • 100% success rate


  • The droppings are hard to wash if left overnight in the trap

Summary of the Features

These smart mouse traps by CaptSure are now becoming the choice of everyone. It is a perfect and secure solution for your mouse-occupied house. Plus, the e-book also provides you with information about mice and their habits, so you can observe the target properly.

Furthermore, the product is convenient, durable, and reliable. You can just place it in your basement, garage, attic or garden. These traps are carefully designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Comparison with a Similar Product

To help you weigh your options for a good mousetrap, we have selected a similar product for comparison—the HumaneMouse Trap by Authenzo.

The CaptSure smart mouse trap is scientifically tested. The product is based on the CaptSure technology, which ensures a pain-free method. Besides, the product is endorsed by the societies for the rights of kids and pets too. In fact, you can also get the 24/7 customer service from the manufacturer.

Not only this, but the CaptSure traps are also really effective at catching animals other than mice. While the HumaneMouse Trap by Authenzo targets mice and small-sized rodents only, the one from CaptSure also come in larger traps for large-sized rodents.


If you really care for the rights of animals and want a clean solution for your mouse problems, we suggest you use the smart traps by CaptSure. These traps provide you with a quick, effective, and user-friendly solution to your mouse problems. Be it your bedroom or your garden, you can simply pick out the best place to set up the CaptSure smart traps in your house and let the trap do all the hard work.


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