How to Catch a Smart Rat?

How to Catch a Smart Rat?

Remember that famous childhood story titled, “Rats and the Pied Piper”? Well, that briefly explains the intensity of misery that these rats bring to humans. If you are wondering how to catch a smart rat, then you have landed at the right place!

And, no. We are not going to promote expensive, useless pest control products. What we will do is share with you our experience and how we solved our mice problem. Are you ready to turn your life around and enjoy a mouse-free home? Then let’s get started!

Are Mouse Traps Effective?

There is a wide range of options you can choose from when it comes to ridding your house of mice. You can use pest control products, rat poisons, mouse traps, glue traps, and what-not. The truth, however, is that we’ve all been there and done that!

Rats are very intelligent creatures, and they possess a built-in mechanism to remain safe from harm. This mechanism makes it a huge challenge to capture a smart rat. Therefore, it is better to invest in a good mousetrap. After all, why put a strain on your pocket when there are budget-friendly alternatives available, right?

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We can relate to the feeling of frustration that comes from not being able to catch the mouse that’s disrupting the peace in your home. The steps below are tried and tested to bring forth 100% results.

How to Catch a Smart Rat

In most of the cases, rats always take the same route to travel around a place, which makes it easy for you to keep track of its movements. On the contrary, some rats may even avoid taking the route that it thinks is dangerous, making it difficult to trap them.

The followings tips can help you to know how to catch a smart rat:

  • Use the Best Trap

Trapping a smart not is not going to be easy at all. Remember, you must always have a powerful weapon to fight in a war. This war tactic applies to catching rats too. In order to trap the rat, your trap should be a very powerful weapon.

Hence, choosing the right weapon plays a vital role in increasing your chances of victory.  There are many good options available in the market, and you should look for the one that meets your every requirement.

  • Choose the Perfect Location to Place the Trap

The trick in choosing the perfect location for the mousetrap is to keep an eye on the rat’s tracks. Do not worry; you don’t need to hire a professional detective for it. The installation of a spy camera is all that needs to be done!

A spy camera will help to track the usual pattern of entrance and escape of the rat. Thus, you can easily choose the appropriate location to place the trap in order to catch the smart rat.

  • Pick the Perfect Bait to Attract the Smart Rodent

This is a crucial step. Here is a bit of information for your knowledge: the bait must be specified according to the type of rodent that is roaming around in your house.

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For example, placing a piece of meat as a bait to trap a black rat obviously means that you will never be able to catch the rat. Always remember: black rats are herbivorous while brown rats are omnivorous.

Cheese works best for black rats, and you need a different bait for brown rats.

  • Let the Smart Rat Become Familiar with the Trap

Honestly, this one is a golden step. Catching a smart rat is indeed a tedious procedure since rats have a natural instinct to become suspicious of new things in the surroundings. So, let the trap sit at the perfect location for a few days and let the rat enjoy its bait rather than trapping it at once.

Unfortunately, the developed trust between you and the rat is meant to be broken. Once you are sure that the rat trusts that the trap is not a danger to itself, then you can easily trap it any time.

  • Avoid Adding Poison in the Bait to Kill the Rat

We agree to the fact that killing a rat is, indeed, insensitive. Yet, acknowledging the fact that this very creature is annoying and causing you stress is essential to catching it. What you need to do is put these emotional aspects aside and do what you have to do to protect your home.

Then again, putting poison on the bait is not just harmful to the rat but possibly for you as well.

Rats possess a special, innate characteristic to relocate its food at a safer place before actually eating it. This means that most of them drag the bait all over the floor, which, if poisoned, make it unsafe for your pets too.

Additionally, nobody wants to breathe in a poisonous surrounding, which is hazardous for not only you but the plants as well.

  • Try to Use More than One Trap

Rats are intelligent creatures, which is why they are known as smart rats. In some cases, some of them are able to escape the trap without even you knowing. Thus, setting up more than one trap helps to minimize their chances of escaping.

It is also possible that there is a larger infestation of rats in your house. More traps mean that you can even trap more rats at a time. Furthermore, when one rat sees the other rats trapped, the colony of rats itself will re-locate, leaving your house peacefully due to sensing the possible danger.


These little creatures, despite their small size, are excessively hard to catch. With their eagerness to survive up their sleeves, many of them are able to escape traps. They also have an excellent mind designed to avoid danger in any circumstances.

When it comes to trapping them, it is better to take advantage of their sharp memory by building their trusts upon traps at first. Later on, breaking that very established trust is necessary, and this can be achieved by trapping them using baits.

In a nutshell, trapping a smart rat is one big challenge, and you may be tempted to give up most of the time. Remember, when it comes to catching these little pests, patience is the key! With a steady approach and a patient mindset, you can easily trap that smart rat.

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