How to Get Rid of Moles


Moles can be pesky animals that find their way into your yard from time to time. We at PestSmartControl want to make sure you are equipped to handle that mole problem safely and effectively! First, we are going to walk you through how to identify these moles, outline the best remedies to get rid of them, and how to prevent them from coming into your yard again. 

How to identify moles

There are a few key ways to identify if you have moles in your yard.

  1. Raised mounds criss crossing your backyard
  2. Lines of dead/discolored grass that line your yard
  3. Loose soil scattered around your yard

Another way of identifying these moles is by seeing them yourself, where they will typically look like the image below. 

How to get rid of moles

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Best home remedies to get rid of moles

We want to make sure that you get rid of these moles in a humane fashion, so we’ve outlined a few key ways to deter moles from ruining your yard once they are already digging up holes in your yard. 

1. Apply Grub Repellent

Moles feed on grubs, which are a form of beetle larvae (see below for an image). Applying repellant to these grubs will eliminate the moles’ food source and cause them to move elsewhere. 

2. Apply Castor Oil to your yard

This will not kill the moles, but will deter them from burrowing in your yard. It’s best to create your own repellant with 3 parts castor oil and 1 part dish soap

3. Apply stakes

Applying stakes about 2 feet deep into your yard will often prevent moles from being able to burrow and will force them elsewhere

4. Keep your lawn tidy

Moles feel safe under cover, so keeping your lawn tidy will keep them away!

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How to prevent moles in your yard

Our experts have outlined some preventative measures that you can take below to stop moles from damaging your yard.

  1. Create vertical barriers – This can be done by digging a few deep trenches in your yard and filling them with rocks, stakes or wiring to prevent the moles from passing through. These trenches should be about 2 feet deep and your stakes/wiring should stick up about 1 foot off the ground. 
  2. Introduce owls or cats as predators for the moles – owls are one of the moles’ largest predators, so introducing owls into your yard will help control the mole population. Furthermore, if you own a cat and feel comfortable letting it roam the property you can do so to help control the mole population. 
  3. Remove their food source – moles typically feed on grubs, which are larvae from a certain beetle species, pictured below. Utilizing the pest control solutions outlined above will help to eliminate grubs and thus remove the mole’s food source


Ultimately, there are many different ways to remove moles from your yard safely! Feel free to either utilize our advice above, or call an expert at 844-676-0028.

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