How to Keep Rats Away: A Few Helpful Tips

How to Keep Rats Away: A Few Helpful Tips

With the growing population of rats, it is not a surprise to find a few of them roaming around your house. They carry germs, and when they freely move in your home and kitchen, it risks your family’s health. That is why it is essential to learn how to keep rats away.

Apart from transmitting a variety of diseases, they can contaminate food, damage electrical appliances, and make our homes smelly and dirty. In addition, they also cause a disturbance at night by scratching the walls and making noises.

Although your initial reaction when you see rats is to be scared and startled, you shouldn’t! That is because if you are careful enough, you can easily get rid of them.

How to Keep Rats Away?

We have listed some useful solutions that can end your daily meet-up with rats. Go through the following points, and choose what suits you best:

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1. Get Rid of the Holes

The first important step is to know how rats are getting into your house. Take a look around your roof, walls, floors, attics, plumbing stacks, areas with wires and pipes. These are some common areas with holes where rats can enter.

Find the holes and seal them right away. Blocking their path is the basic step which can keep the rats away to a greater extent. Use materials like steel as rats can’t chew them easily. Do note that all the other tips or solutions are useless if there are entry points in your home.

2. Set Traps

After blocking all the open areas of your house, your next step is to set traps. Rats can hide pretty well, so you have to be careful while placing the traps.

Put these traps in the corners, along the walls, behind objects, and wherever you find it necessary. While you set up these traps, keep in mind that rats like to touch surfaces as they move. Make sure to fill the traps by bread or some food—you can either choose the lethal or humane trap.

3. Take the Trash Out

Always make sure to empty your trash can daily since the pile of rubbish is what attracts the rats. The best time to take your trash out is at night before you go to sleep. It is also better to use an airtight container for your waste to keep the rats away from your trash can.

4. Keep a Cat

Your friend is their enemy. Rats might not be pleasant to our eyes, but they are delicious to the cats. Introducing the cats in your home will definitely scare these stubborn rats away. The rats won’t dare to get in, and if they do, they will most likely not get out alive.

5. Clean Up Your Pet’s Food Daily

You love your pet, and rats love your pet’s food. Rats can smell food from miles away, so as soon as the pet finishes eating, clean up the place and wipe all the crumbs away. Make it a habit of cleaning up your pet’s food right away, and you won’t see any rats near your house.

6. Carefully Store Food

Rats can know if the pieces of food are laying openly on your messy tables and kitchen slabs from a reasonable distance because of their sense of smell. The remaining food is basically just an open invitation to the rats for a treat.

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It is better to take care of the leftovers before you go to sleep. Make sure your dining tables and kitchen are neat, and your dishes are covered at night. Keeping the food items in your pantry in steel or ceramic containers is also a good option.

Not just the kitchen, your whole house should be tidy as well. A clean environment is a must since it repels the rats away.

7. Use Sprays

Drugs and sprays are the most convenient methods to kill pests. The toxic sprays will help you kill the rats in less time; in fact, rats can only live for the maximum of one day after being sprayed, as most of them die of a heart attack.

Do take note though that you should immediately clean the place where the rat dies. After which, spray the area with special enzyme or cleansing sprays.

8. Peppermint Oil

You can use peppermint oil to keep the rats away, as experts say that rats don’t like the smell of peppermint. All you have to do is pour some of the oil in cotton balls and put these balls in the spots from where rats are likely to come. Just do this frequently for a few days, and you will notice a drastic change.

9. Onions and Potatoes

Potatoes are very harmful to rats, so try to sprinkle some potato powder at your place. Once the rats taste the potato powder, it will make their intestines expand, which eventually results in their death.

Like potatoes, onions can also be a great remedy to keep the rats away since the smell of onions is very repulsive to rats. What you need to do is place onions in the corners or your desired spots, but don’t forget to replace them with fresh ones as they rot very quickly.

10. Hire a Professional Wild Animal Removal Expert

The above tips can be helpful, but if the matter is completely out of your hand, don’t hesitate to look for professional help. They offer easy and immediate ways to rat problems. However, not everyone promises the positive results.

Pest control companies use poison to kill rats which isn’t a permanent solution. A smart choice is to contact a professional wild animal removal expert. They use decent methods to keep your home rat-free and reduce the chances of rat infestation again.

Final Words

To sum it up, rats can give you a hard time with their presence. Knowing their side-effects, it is essential for you to act right away in a correct manner and learn how to keep rats away.

The solutions range from basic home remedies that are easily available and cheap, to seeking professional help. Pick what you think is the right fit, and enjoy the healthy environment.

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