JT Eaton 904 Rat Bait Station Review

JT Eaton 904 Rat Bait Station Review

We guess all of us will agree that a mouse can only be cute if we are talking about Jerry in the classic cartoon Tom and Jerry. Besides that, we treat a mouse or a rat as a pest, and they can indeed be annoying, especially when they chew at practically everything in our houses. More than that, they can also spread diseases, and much worse, they bite!

To prevent mice and rats from overtaking your household, you can use a lot of traps. But one method that proves to be less of a hassle and more effective in killing them is a bait station. This happens because they will be “baited” inside the gadget where they eat the said bait, and they will eventually die. The JT Eaton 904 Rat Bait Station is one of those baiting stations. Let us have a closer look at its features, pros, and cons to see if this is the product that can save your house from mice.

JT Eaton 904 Rat Bait Station

JT Eaton is a family-owned company providing products that can eradicate pests since 1932. They manufacture their products, so you are assured that they are always high-quality and are designed with great attention to detail. More than that, their mission is to provide products that are safer and healthier for their consumers and the environment in general.


The JT Eaton 904 Rat Bait Station has two entrances which are rare for bait stations. The reason why other companies are not doing this is that the mouse or rat can enter and exit through different holes without even getting access to the bait.

However, the product contradicts this logic by the default design of the interior. How is that done? This situation is averted because both of the entrances lead to the bait station.

The first entrance goes straight to the bait station, while the second entrance will lead to the bait station before the rat or mouse can even access the primary entry point. Similarly, it has an enclosed system that can prevent your pets and children from opening it so they cannot ingest the poisonous bait.

Additionally, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you are going to use it outdoors, make sure to stick the base on something so that it cannot be moved around. In line with this, it can be attached to a permanent structure to make it more secure.

As for the bait itself, your purchase comes with six packs and six golden keys to open the enclosed system. At the same time, you get six plastic insert trays, bait holder rods, and vertical bait holders.


  • Easy to set up
  • Compact
  • Closes securely
  • It remains closed even when toppled over.
  • Great customer service
  • Can hold against harsh weather
  • Spacious enough to hold up to three mice
  • One-year warranty


  • Holes can be too big.
  • The bait itself is not too enticing for rats.
  • Hard to unlock
  • It has a specific plastic smell.
  • Bait can be too small.
  • Cannot monitor from the outside


The JT Eaton 904 Rat Bait Station is a very compact product that has two entrances. You do not have to worry about the mice or rats escaping as both entrances lead straight to the bait station.

This can be great if you have a problem with mice because it has enough space for three of them. However, if you have a rat infestation, it can only house one rat.

Nonetheless, everything you need is included in your purchase, from the inserts to the gold keys you would need to open the station. What is better is that this cannot be opened without using the gold key, so it is safe around your children and pets. As for the bait, you need to experiment on how it is placed (whole or half) since it does not have that distinct smell or taste in it that can attract mice and rats.

Comparison with the Venditor Rat Bait Station

Let us now compare the JT Eaton 904 Rat Bait Station with the Venditor Rat Bait Station. At an initial glance, you might think that the former can surely beat the latter.

Why is that? It is because it has a more complicated design. But given that the latter has a more straightforward design does that necessarily mean it is inefficient in baiting mice?

The answer is no. Sometimes simple is better, so let us look at some notable features of the one from Venditor.

First off, its design is very straightforward, as it only has one entrance and almost no room left for the rat or mouse to explore except to have direct access to the bait. It also has an enclosed system which you can only open with a designated key. At the same time, it can also be used indoors and outdoors and is weather resistant.

What is so special about this bait station is that its bait is solid. Not only that, it can easily attract mice. With this feature alone, the one from Venditor can beat the one from JT Eaton because the bait of the latter is not that effective in attracting rats and mice unless you put enough bait.

Lastly, its top is a plastic container that is a bit transparent. Therefore, you can monitor what is happening inside without opening the rat bait station.


The JT Eaton 904 Rat Bait Station is still an excellent product to have, especially if you have a lot of mice. The results may not be abrupt, but slowly but surely, they can get into the gadget.

It is also significant that the one from JT Eaton has a lot of space, so you do not have to check its contents consistently. You can just set it up and forget it.

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