Kat Sense Mouse Traps Review

Kat Sense Mouse Traps Review

Mice can be the worst intruders in your house. They can spread so many germs, especially in the kitchen, risking your family’s health. The worst part is that mice spread rabies which is very dangerous.

The most common way to catch them and get rid of them is by using a mouse trap. Now, there are several kinds, but the most effective and commonly used one is the snap style.

You basically just need to set it up by pressing the snap all the way back and placing bait on the designated position. When the mouse gets attracted to the bait and reaches it, the highly sensitive spring snaps and kills it instantly. However, that is only possible if you use a good quality mousetrap as not every trap may not be worth your money.

Hence, we reviewed a popular mousetrap that takes an innovative approach to an ancient device. Let’s see what it does differently and if it can be of any help with your mouse problem.

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Kat Sense Mouse Traps

The Kat Sense Mini Mouse Traps is a highly-sensitive set of mouse traps that is said to catch the rodent in your house effectively. It is also claimed that it is more efficient than the traditional wooden mouse traps.


This mouse trap has a trigger mechanism that quickly snaps when the mouse reaches for the bait. There is also an integrated bait cup to hold whatever bait you want to keep for the rodent in your house. What is better is that with its sleek design, it does not look very visible.

It also features a precision stainless-steel spring that has 35% more force than springs found in traditional mouse traps. This ensures that the rodent gets trapped no matter what.

Additionally, it has a molded non-absorbent polystyrene construction that kills the rat without breaking the skin and causing all the mess. You get rid of the mouse but in a humane way. After it has been trapped and killed, you can release it easily by raising the kill bar. Hence, after you have caught the mouse, you can easily wash it; there are no permanent stains or bad odor issues.

It is also incredibly easy to set it up since it has a one-touch set mechanism. There are eight traps included in the package to meet all your mouse trap needs. So, if you have a big rodent problem, you can utilize all of these in different places to catch the mice.

You can also reuse them multiple times unlike other traps that get so messy you cannot help but toss them away. Similarly, since there are multiple traps included in your package, you can choose to throw the one you used together with the rodent.

Lastly, the trap is extremely lightweight, specifically about 12 ounces. This is because it is all plastic as compared with those massive wooden mouse traps.

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  • Easy to use and clean
  • 100% results
  • Great value for money
  • No mess when the mouse is caught


  • Highly sensitive; can snap while you’re setting it up


The Kat Sense Mouse Trap is not your typical run-of-the-mill mouse trap that hardly catches any mouse, and when it does, there is so much blood and mess. This one catches even those big mice without making a big mess. The mouse dies instantly without its organs coming out on the floor and scattered all over the trap.

Made from high-quality plastic and stainless-steel spring, this trap is designed to perform its best. With just a little bit of bait, you can catch all of the rodents in your house or barn.

There are eight traps included in the set, and it comes at a very affordable price. The design is inconspicuous and modern, as well as compact, so it should fit almost anywhere.

The company guarantees that you will catch all the mice with these traps. However, to be successful, you will have to be extra gentle when setting them up as you do not want them to snap.


Not all mouse traps are the same even though they function on the same mechanism. That said, we have found another similar mouse trap for comparison, which is the JP Innovations Premium Mouse Trap.

Both of the mouse traps feature a built-in bait cup that makes it easy to place the bait in an optimal position. They are also super sensitive, ensuring that the mouse gets trapped and killed instantly on contact with the trap.

They also both come in a pack of eight, which allows you to place them in all corners. Even their overall weight is the same.

The primary difference between the two is that the JP Mouse Trap features a metallic snap unlike the plastic one found on the Kat Sense Mouse Trap. This makes it a bit harder and may result in a bit of a mess.

Its other parts though are made from ABS plastic which is lightweight yet sturdy. When it comes to their price, there is really no significant difference between the two. However, the JP Mouse Trap is a bit cheaper.

Overall, they both have modern designs with guaranteed results, i.e., getting rid of all the mice in your home. They also have the same performance despite the fact that one has a plastic snap mechanism and the other has metal. Everything just boils down to the price and ease of maintenance or cleaning.


This mouse trap set is definitely recommended for any household or business having a mice problem. You will start catching them on day one unless you have a lot of them and the problem is recurring.

This mouse trap is also great since you can wash and reuse each trap. Just make sure to use an anti-bacterial liquid so that it is properly sanitized.

All-in-all, it is good value for money, and the best part is that there is no splatter. It is a highly recommended mouse trap on account of its performance, safety, and innovative design.

You can also use many things present in your home as mouse bait like cheese or peanut butter. With the Kat Sense Mouse Traps, you will be pleased with the results once you start using it!


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