Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer Review

Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer: A Detailed Review

Do bed bugs bite you at night? Do the larvae keep on developing into total adult bugs? Well, an effective bed bug and lice killer is all you need.

Bed bugs and other pests should be regularly eradicated to ensure safety and good quality of life. They can be toxic and harmful to health, so using only pest killers made with non-toxic ingredients is essential. However, some flea and pest killers come in a formulation that contains chemicals and inconvenient usage directions.

When choosing a bed bug spray, you don’t want to use a product that requires you to mix and make your place messy; you don’t want a foul-smelling one. Therefore, this Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer might be the one you’re looking for!

This product is another best-selling formula formulated by experts from Premo Guard. This company is dedicated to providing safe, effective, and environment-friendly pest killers.

Backed by honesty, integrity, and research, Premo Guard wins the trust of people all over the world. The Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer are among their proud creations.


The Premo Guard has been known to deliver safe and effective products while protecting the environment and the household’s overall health. It complies with industry standards to ensure a suitable manufacturing process and a 100% consumer guarantee.

  • Safe, Natural Formula

One of the best features of this product is its formula. Compared to many other insect killers, the Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer is formulated only with natural, non-toxic ingredients. Because of the natural ingredients, it does not emit an irritating odour or harmful fumes. It is a chemical-free insect killer that is safe for pets, children, and plants.

  • Formulated and Tested by Experts

The Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer comply with Certified Products Association (NPA). Formulated by a competent team of entomologists and tested and endorsed by third-party collaborators, this product is guaranteed accurate to its quality and value.

  • Effective and Versatile

Some people think pest killers made of natural ingredients don’t work. This is not true with the Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer. It is adequate for various small and medium infestations, including moulds, mites, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, bugs, and ants.

This pest control spray can kill bugs and their nymphs and larvae to stop further development. Moreover, this product is also effective at eradicating pesticide-resistant bugs.

  • Long-lasting Effect

The Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer has a long-lasting impact that can last up to two weeks after application, preventing bugs from getting into the treated area again. Unlike other pest killers, this product does not require mixing it into a solution, which can be messy.

To guarantee quality and effectiveness, the Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer come with a money-back warranty. Backed by competent customer service, this product is worth the money.

Summary of the Features

The Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer comes in a 24-ounce bottle with an easy-to-use and convenient spray cap. It has an effective, safe, and environment-friendly formulation that can get rid of lice and bed bugs and cockroaches, mites, ants, and more. What’s even more impressive is that it kills nymphs and larvae too.

This product will protect your home from various pests for up to 16 weeks after the application. The company is also confident in giving satisfactory results, as their products come with a money-back guarantee.


  • Works quickly and effectively
  • It comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Safe for pets, humans, and children
  • Gets rid of eggs, larvae, and adults
  • For residential and commercial use
  • Has little to no after-smell


  • Only for small and medium infestations

Comparison with a Similar Product

The Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer is an excellent choice for immediate application and medium-sized infestations. It can be sprayed regularly without the fear of inhaling harmful fumes. On the other hand, one good alternative is the Harris Bed Bug Killer for more extensive coverage and a longer-lasting effect.

This product is formulated with powerful ingredients that instantly kill bugs. It is an effective treatment for crevices and cracks, bed frames, furniture, inside cabinets, closets, carpets, wall mouldings, and more. It even destroys the most challenging insects that resist pyrethroid ingredients.

The Harris Bed Bug Killer will not stain or damage fabrics and furniture if used according to the directions. It doesn’t have a foul odour, so you can be comfortable during treatment. Moreover, this product continuously kills bugs 16 weeks after its initial application.

This pest control spray is approved for use in households with children and pets by the Environmental Protection Agency. It comes in a one-gallon container with an attachment spray top. It is more expensive than the Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer.

Although this product can last long and cover a larger area, most still prefer the Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer because it is made with natural ingredients and a non-toxic formulation that is safe for humans and the environment.


The individual who will most benefit from the Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer needs to treat bug-infested bedrooms and furniture but does not want to use toxic ingredients that can harm pets and people.

As featured above, the Premo Guard Bed Bug and Lice Killer have a safe, natural formulation that effectively kills bugs in various crevices and parts of the home. It doesn’t have a foul odour and chemicals that can negatively impact children, pests, and plants.

Use environment-friendly pest killers to have a peaceful, healthy living environment. Made by a team of experts and proven safe by third-party agents, it is guaranteed non-toxic. Choose only the product that won’t do further harm to the entire household.

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