Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Bug Zapper

Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Bug Zapper Review

“Mosquitoes come and suck your blood, Leave you there all alone, Just skin and bone…” Ever wondered why these lyrics from the Mosquito Song buzz in your head at night? The answer is pretty obvious; it is the terror of mosquitoes!

Everyone knows how annoying and noisy it gets when these tiny creatures follow you around. Surely, you’d want to kill or zap them right away, but it is challenging to find an effective solution.

These mischievous creatures can ditch zappers easily. Therefore, to help you end these bug problems completely, we have reviewed the Executioner Bug Zapper. It is said that it is one of the most effective mosquito zappers available today.

Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Bug Zapper

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UK-based Sourcing4U Limited is a wholesale and retail company, which supplies unusual and unique products to its customers. It also manufactures its products.

With a minimum one-year warranty, the company stocks everything from lighting, candles, and coffee makers to home and garden appliances, as well as silicone bakewares.

The Executioner Bug Zapper is one of its popular products for killing bugs and insects. Available in racket shape, this zapper helps you sleep bugless.


Upon unboxing, here are the things you would expect from this zapper:

  • Construction and design: Available in yellow, blue, green, and red, the Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Bug Zapper is made of ABS plastic instead of the recycled one. As such, this racket is sturdy and has a longer shelf life, as well as do not brittle easily. Also, the grills have thicker wires as compared to other zappers, so they tend to hold their spacing and shape well.
  • Battery-operated: This zapper works with the help of two AA alkaline batteries. If you are living somewhere in the UK, you don’t need to buy batteries separately since two branded batteries come with the purchase. Unfortunately, if you live in other countries, you need to buy the batteries separately.
  • Tested and approved: The product is CE approved and has passed UK Trading Standards. That means the zapper complies with the basic requirements of the European environment and health legislation. Additionally, it complies with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive).
  • Single layer technology: Thanks to the zapper’s single 1.2-millimeter zinc grill layer, you can efficiently target insects or bugs without giving them a second chance. Also, its thicker wire with a regular gap size controls voltage across the layer.
  • Static electricity: By producing static electricity, this zapper instantly kills all the insects in a single attempt. Just turn it on, swing, and zap all the insects with a powerful shock. Plus, its LED warning light turns red if you turn the zapper.
  • Release button: Equipped with a release button, this product is easy to turn on or off. Simply push the button to turn the racket on and create a charge imbalance. Once you have killed the target, you can safely release the button to turn off the product.
  • Multiple uses: Due to its powerful electric shock, this product is perfect for outdoor and indoor uses. Be it your home, office, and camp, this zapper works smoothly at every place. It is designed to get rid of wasps, mosquitoes, bees, other insects, and flies.
  • Size and weight: Measuring only 20 x 7 x 1 inches and weighing approximately four ounces, this product is compact and portable. Its low weight also helps you to swing it higher easily so that you can zap flying insects. Additionally, you can fit it in your bag for outdoor barbecue or activities.


  • Instant zapping
  • No mess or splats on wall
  • No chemical sprays
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Undergone tests


  • The single, unprotected layer can cause shock if touched.



Are you looking for the long-term solution for killing mosquitoes and bugs? Then the Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Bug Zapper might just be what you need.

With its powerful electric charge, the product kills insects or can take wings off the fly. However, make sure that you keep it out of children since it can easily be switched on and the grills are unprotected.

On another note, the zapper’s single layer technology makes the process smooth so that you can just swing it to zap the insect. Additionally, its durable ABS plastic body makes it lightweight.

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Thanks to its racket shape and long arm, you can hold the zapper the way you want. Other than grip, this shape makes the product ideal for outdoor and indoor uses. Using two branded batteries, this zapper makes your work easy and keeps your environment clean.


Comparing one product with other options is the prime step for choosing the right one. This helps you to understand the difference between the many different options available. Above all, a comparison will help you decide which a good device is for you.

With that in mind, we have compared the Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Bug Zapper with another good option, which is the Black Flag Bug Zapper.

Although you can get the Black Flag Bug Zapper at a very minimal price, it is heavier than the Executioner Zapper. Also, the Executioner comes in three cool colors whereas the Black Bug zapper comes in black only.

One of the major differences are the number of layers. The Black Flag Bug Zapper features a mesh-like, three-layered technology, which in spite of being protective, makes your work a bit difficult. With its three layers, the insects and flies take time to reach the electrical layer. Thus, these layers are one of the major drawbacks.

The Black Flag Bug Zapper needs two AA batteries, similar to Executioner zapper, but the Executioner comes with two free batteries (for UK customers only) whereas you have to buy batteries separately for the Black Flag Bug Zapper no matter where you are located.


Apart from being annoying creatures, mosquitoes, flies and other insects can be harmful to the health of your family and friends. If you want an effective and permanent solution to such a problem, then we recommend you to try using the Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Bug Zapper. By killing insects cleanly and effortlessly, this zapper can help you make your home or office bugless.

Also, you can take this product with you for outdoor activities and parties. While keeping the bees off the barbecue grill, this zapper keeps your party clean. Hence, you can enjoy the night out of your house, without being bitten by mosquitoes.

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