What are Mice attracted to

What Are Mice Attracted To: When Mice Love Your Home

Is your home being taken over by mice? It is exciting how these pesky pets can evade detection and even capture, but definitely, it is more annoying to have them around. So what can you do? First off, you have to determine what mice are attracted to, as only then can you at least prevent them from coming around.

There are a lot of things that can cause mice to visit your home and declare it as their own. As scary as this sounds, this is usually the case. A slight detour to your house can end in permanent residency if you have one thing they love.

With that said, let us look at the things and instances that will make them stay. We are also going to give you great tips on how to limit mice in your place.

What Type of Mouse Do You Have?

Before we go through what we are attracted to, let us first talk about the most common types of mice that invade homes. These types are pretty much the same in terms of things they love in your home.

1. House Mouse

As cute as its name rhymes, this type of mouse is scary to have in your home because they tend to breed fast. Not only that, but they are also notorious for living in a community. Therefore, they love to call other house mice to live in your home. Yikes!

They are smaller than other mice and can stay in one place regardless of the temperature. So you really cannot hope that they will leave when winter comes around.

When they decide to stay, they are staying for good. These mice are the ones that can quickly go through the tiniest of cracks, so it is harder to detect them.

2. Field Mouse

These mice invade your home if you live near a farm or a forested area. They are also ever present in the countryside.

At the same time, they are the perfect mix of domesticated and wild, so be wary of them because they bite. They love the heat, so more often than not, they stay in sheds, garages, and the like.

3. Wood Mouse

This one looks much like the field mouse, but they are a bit wilder. This type of mouse will risk being in plain sight to get what it wants.

Most of them are found in Europe and Africa, so they love cold and warm temperatures. Lastly, they do not stay in just one place in your house. They love to move around and have a lot of sleeping areas; thus, your house will be filled with its poop.

What Are Mice Attracted To?

Let us now move on to the root of your mice infestation. These are the most common things and instances that attract mice to your place.

1. Warmth

This might be a surprise that a specific temperature will be one of the triggers that will bring mice to your house. In general, mice love heat, and they can detect warmth through wall openings. Usually, they go straight to the water heaters because the heat is consistent there, and the place is ideal for burrowing.

2. Food

This one is pretty obvious because, of course, who does not like free food? Kidding aside, mice are omnivores, but they prefer food like seeds, fruits, and grains. They are not picky eaters, so even if you have rotting food, it still calls for a buffet for mice.

3. Trash and Clutter

Mice love to burrow, and what is a perfect place to do so? Unused boxes and undisposed trash. They can burrow in practically anything that has been stacked for a long tincludingludes papers, clothing, wood, etc.

As for trash, they love to stay in trash rooms because of the temperature, and there are also food scraps. More often than not, you can find a mouse in attics, storage areas, and garages.

4. Openings and Cracks

No small amount of crack can deter a mouse from entering your house. Some mice are also known for entering through your pet flap.

This one can be hard to prevent because not everyone has the time to patch up those cracks and openings. Their favorite point of entry is cracked foundations because they cannot be disturbed there.

5. Lack of Predators

Just like humans, we want to live peacefully without threats of anything harming us. Therefore, they should find a home that does not have predators. By predators, we mean cats, wild birds, and even bigger pests.

They can still live in a home where there is one, but they will eventually move on to the next home as it will be harder to go out in plain sight.

What Are Some Preventive Measures You Can Do?

Now that you know what mice are attracted to, you can now install and practice safeguards to at least limit the mice in your home. Here are some tips:

  • Put deterrents: We are talking about mouse traps and bait stations. You can also purchase a cat if you want to go that far. There are also some scents that mice hate, so you can spray that on specific areas in your house.
  • Clean the house: There is no easy way to go about this, but you have to get your hands dirty. By vacuuming your house, make sure to eliminate dust, hair clumps, and crumble. Get rid of clutter and always dispose of your trash properly.
  • Take care of your food: Do not leave food on the counters or table too long. Make sure always to cover them or directly store them in the refrigerator. As for those in the pantry, store them in neat boxes and do not leave them on the floor.

Final Thoughts

There is no full-proof way to stop mice from coming to your house. No matter how hard you maintain the cleanliness of your house, they will eventually find a way. Still, it is better to follow the tips we gave you; at the very least, you can limit the number of mice in your house.

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